1. I’m not a confrontational person unless provoked. The thought of sitting down and discussing the events shocks me to the bones. I’ve bitten off all the nails I could chew and I’m down to the skin of my fingertips. They’re raw and exposed, they sting when I lick them. I’m only so confident when it comes to myself. I never thought that I would be put in the position of defense. The courtroom isn’t my comfort zone. 

    I’m sick of being in jail. 

    I can’t stand solitary confinement. The walls start to bleed.

    I will never be a model citizen and here I am proving this point. 

    I can’t be perfect. I can’t be the best I can be. 

    Time is supposed to be of the essence but what can it be when there is no essence? These voids keep punching through my chest and I know it’s all my fault.

    I know I’m the prisoner for a reason. 

    I’ve smoked so many cigarettes that I’m beginning to believe there is nutritional value rolled into them.

    Perhaps I’m just hoping that I’ll die from them already.

    I’m sure it’s better than being stuck in my own filth.


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  3. i hate the feeling of wanting to go back in time. it’s unsettling and it makes my stomach turn. the physical strains of time travel surely aren’t pleasant. i mean just imagine having your body pulled to extreme lengths. your fingers extending outward enough to touch the sky, looking down to see your feet lightyears below you. sure enough, I already have odd insecurities with my thin-longedness so this would just be a mental breakdown waiting to happen.

    picture your already penciled out body spinning around in a circle so fast that it takes you back to all those nights you got black out drunk and sure enough, you begin to remember everything the alcohol had so kindly blacked out for you.like the time you were locked into the girl’s bathroom at a gay bar by a large, unfamiliar lesbian. or maybe the time you pretended to be baby new year on your friend’s coffee table. and then of course the time you pissed on your carpet. that’s just to name a few. naturally, one would vomit in this situation..

    once you get to wherever you were trying to go when time travelling, chances are you won’t be in the best of shape.

    i’m sure most would just die of shock. however, i’m sure are there are things worth going back for. maybe a plan. maybe a kiss. maybe a friend. maybe a a mistake. sometimes you just wish you could go back.

    you want to feel the pain so you can have the strength to go back 

    you want to feel the pain because you did something so stupid, you had to go back.

    you want to feel the pain so you can save yourself to go back.

    im not a hero type or a main character or a special anything.i don’t know if i’m strong enough to split my cells in half. or spin into a violent abyss.

    but idc.

    because i know that going back would solve everything. i know that going back would repair what i broke. so i will yield a sword and battle what needs to be battled.



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  6. Convinced this guy to send me a video of him playing the guitar naked and he did it


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  8. what i do before i get in the shower

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